Why Teachers Deserve Teacher Appreciation Week


AngryJulieMonday on Instagram

“Nothing like the last minute scramble for Teacher’s appreciation week stuff. It has been one heck of a week.”

Within the last couple of years, teachers have been adjusting to changing schedules, primarily through the years of covid and getting out of the pandemic. As students, parents, and friends, we can never do too much for the teachers to show our appreciation for them, whether with a simple thank you, a hug, or a gift. Teacher appreciation week is a week out of every school year for students to show how thankful they are for the teachers’ hard work and dedication to the classroom.

Teachers spend countless hours prepping lessons to teach the students, classwork, and homework. Many teachers also spend numerous hours in their classroom before and after the students arrive and leave, ensuring everything is set for the upcoming days and weeks. With the time the teachers spend in their classrooms, many teachers also have a long commute to work every day.

Not only do teachers spend time prepping lessons, but they also have to deal with students that misbehave and need help in class. Teachers spend a lot of time sitting down and helping the students to be able to succeed in the classroom; teachers will only be willing to allow their students to succeed if they are asking for help.

There are many ways we can show our appreciation to our teachers in simple ways. Rim Saben, a Pennridge High School Senior, is showing her appreciation for the teachers at her school by granting her favorite teacher, Sharon Parkes, something special. “I show appreciation to my favorite teacher by writing her thank you cards for everything she has done for me and getting her a gift. I respect Mrs. Parkes, who is my favorite teacher, by helping out w whatever she needs.” According to Rim, she has had Parkes as a teacher for two years and she has impacted her decisions when deciding on college necessities. “What I have learned from a teacher that will help me in the future is serious study skills for college and finding the motivation to complete my work and accomplish my goals.”

A couple of ways you can appreciate your teachers is by catering lunch for them, creating a theme week, and doing special things for the teachers. You could also bake for them or simply say thank you and appreciate the work that goes into being a teacher.

Being a teacher requires a different range of responsibilities. Not only do teachers have to be responsible for their own, but they also have a range between ten to sometimes 30 students in the classroom at a time, and they need to make sure that every student understands the information that is being taught. They not only hold the responsibility for their students, but they also have to make sure the information they are teaching to the students is valid and reliable.

Teaching takes a special kind of person, someone who is patient with all types of students that come your way. As students, we need to be grateful for the different things teachers do for us and remember to give back to them and appreciate the little things.