A Reflection on Senior Year


Aidan Crozier

The T-shirt logo for Pennridge Mini- THON’s ball for a cause event which helped raise money towards the $28,000 total

“Endings are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way,” C. Joybell C. As senior year comes to an end, each senior will move onto another part of their life, whether that be college, a trade, or continuing current work; our time in high school will come to an end that jumps right into a new beginning. This past year has been full of wins, losses, learning, and teamwork.

For many, the end of senior year is bittersweet; Senior Adi Garges describes her feelings toward the end as “A bittersweet feeling. A part of me is sad that I have to leave those that I made memories with behind, but I’m also excited to go out there and make new memories in college.” For some, change will come easy; learning how to plan your week, do laundry, and live independently will all be significant changes. Connor Hunter, a Pennridge High School senior, enjoyed the freedoms he experienced this year; he described the newfound freedoms of senior year as having “given (him) the ability to really feel like an adult.” However, while high school is a time of learning and growth, this past year has also been full of fun. Senior Adi Garges enjoyed the sporting events at Pennridge and wished she went to more, leaving us with the advice, “Live in the moment and make sure you go to as many events as possible with your friends.”

While the football team may not have had the best record, the football games were fun regardless; hanging out with friends eating Chick – Fil- A, and supporting good causes such as the gold out campaign made it worth the trip regardless of the win or loss. While the football games met something different to each person, Hunter described them as a place where unity occurred amongst the school. In contrast to the football record, the Pennride Unified Boccee team had an amazing season winning the state championship and making Pennridge proud. For any underclassmen, I would highly recommend going to a bocce game next year or even playing on the team if you have the opportunity.

The Unified Club at Pennridge highschool also worked to put on an amazing April Showers Event raising over $17,000. Other philanthropic clubs, such as Pennridge mini thon, held many small events that led up to the main event that happened last Friday. Students from all grade levels came together to dance, play games, decorate cupcakes, etc., all for the purpose of raising money for the Four Diamonds Foundation, which works to fight pediatric cancer. Through year-long efforts, they worked to raise over $28,000, and we could not be more proud.

Senior year is coming to an end. While this Friday may be our last school day, many opportunities exist to make lifelong memories. Suppose you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you get a ticket to prom. I would also recommend that you go to senior sunrise, the senior cookout, and other senior activities coming up soon. For more information on those activities, check the SMORE, which can be found on your Class of 23 canvas page.