Can you beat the heat?

With the uprising of food challenges, people have pushed their tolerance for spice and heat. Understanding this, businesses have tried to incorporate these challenges into their companies. One of these challenges is Buffalo Wild Wings’ Blazing Wings challenge. Within this challenge, you are required to eat 10 Carolina reaper-styled wings in five minutes with no water drink or sauce to help mask the heat. The challenge is open to anyone who dares to try and defeat the wings and is willing to sign the waiver. The waiver states that you cannot sue Buffalo Wild Wings in group action and that all issues will be handled individually. It also states that you are attempting this at your own risk, so anything that may happen to your health during the challenge is your responsibility. In addition to the waiver, you must be 18 or 13 and accompanied by a parent.

The wings sit at 350,000 Scoville units. The is over 60 times the heat of a jalapeno. Not only is the sauce extremely hot, but the sauce is also dumped onto the wings, so the wings are more covered and thicker, making the wings harder to eat. This results in little time to chew as you are under a strict time limit of 30 seconds a wing. Jonathan Callow, a competitor in the Blazing Wings challenge, stated, “For me, it wasn’t just about the heat. It was very hard to get all of the food down in the time period when your sinuses are going insane from the heat.” Callow’s experience stays consistent with the countless other reviews of this challenge.

For the extreme heat tolerance challengers, the goal is to not only beat the challenge but to beat Furious Pete’s time. Furious Pete completed the challenge in 31 seconds back in 2013. Since he set this record, people have not come close to beating him. Furious Pete remains an inspiration to many spice and heat competitors nationally.

Knowing the heat, I set out to attempt the Blazing Wings challenge. I researched to find the best strategy to win the challenge. The most advised technique is trying to go as fast as possible and just think about the next wing. This takes your mind off the heat of the wings for the longest time possible. In addition, it is helpful to warm up like any other challenge. I started eating more mild wings and working myself up to the Blazing Wings. Tom Calch, a buffalo wild wings employee, said, “I have never attempted the challenge because I know I would have an awful rest of the day.” As soon as I started the challenge, I knew I had made a mistake. I ate one wing, and my eyes watered, sweat was pouring down my face, and my nose was running. Instantly gave in to the heat and asked for milk.

Unlike me, people who complete the challenge will receive 1000 Buffalo Wild Wings points, a t-shirt, and a picture on the wall of their own Buffalo Wild Wings. Next, time you go to your local Buffalo Wild Wings try and see if you can beat the heat.