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Technology Taking Over Our Lives

Technology can be a very controversial subject in today’s society as it’s convenient, but also damaging in ways that are not talked about enough. Technology continues to grow and become more advanced every day, taking up so much valuable time. As its growth continues, so do the bad effects that come along with it including social issues, lack of sleep, and emotional problems.

There are benefits to technology that can go unrecognized. Shelby Borrajo believes that “we have everything we need with us at pretty much all times.” If a question is left unanswered, look it up on the internet. Almost running out of a necessity, go on Amazon and it’ll arrive tomorrow, but we also don’t recognize how much time is being spent on our phones and its negative effects on our lives. According to Shayna Waltower, a Contributing Writer at Business News Daily, Americans spend five to six hours on their phone outside of a work environment. In teenagers, these times are usually higher at an average of 8 hours 36 minutes per day on screens, over half of our day being spent on our phones. Frank Sica, is retired and when he works part-time, it’s generally from home on his laptop. “There are many benefits like being able to get done work from home, but it also gives people less of a reason to leave their house.” With technology, people can get things done without physically having to do much at all, leading to laziness and in some cases, weight gain.

Technology will be a part of our lives forever and will most likely only cultivate into our futures. Controlling the amount of time you spend on your phone can improve your life by giving you more time to be social, and physical. By gaining back this sense of control, you will begin to realize how much of your days are being wasted on TikTok, Instagram, etc., and revoke that time to work on yourself.

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Sydney Sica, Student Writer
Sydney Sica, Grade 12. Interests/hobbies include snowboarding, listening to music, going to the beach, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family. Sydney plans on attending Millersville University to major in business and minor in chemistry to become a pharmaceutical rep.

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