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A Piece of Philadelphia

New Philadelphia-inspired Restaurant in Perkasie
Nacho Cheesesteak From Philly Philly Cheesesteaks
Sierra Nathan
Nacho Cheesesteak From Philly Philly Cheesesteaks

Imagine sitting down and looking at your meal. Juicy meat piled so high in a long 12-inch roll with creamy cheese oozing between the meat. The scent of this delight is so strong you could smell it from across the room. The thought might be making you hungry and crave something good to eat. Fortunately, a new cheesesteak business recently opened and is right next to Pennridge High School.

Philly Philly Cheesesteaks opened on March 25, 2024, and has had overwhelming success. Located next to the local supermarket, Giant, on 5th Street, Philly Philly Cheesesteaks has a wide variety of options to choose from. For anyone who does not prefer cheesesteaks, Philly Philly Cheesesteaks offers other options, such as burgers or subs. They also have vegan options, including salads, wraps, and paninis. The cheesesteaks range from $12 to $15. Other meal options range from $10 to $15. For these prices, Philly Philly Cheesesteaks serves a plentiful amount of food. Their cheesesteaks are a foot long and may have to be eaten over multiple days. One of the customers, Trevor Nathan, commented on the size of his cheesesteak saying, “It’s a lot of food for the price.” To him, the food is excellent quality, and the location is very convenient, which is why he would return to Philly Philly Cheesesteaks.

Anyone interested in Philly Philly Cheesesteaks should be prepared and possibly order early if he or she wants to get a cheesesteak at a certain time. Due to the business’s roaring success, wait times for service may be long depending on the time of day. If someone pre-orders online or by phone, he or she is expected to wait in line with people dining in. Being a new business, it is not a surprise that there are small complaints like this that the business can improve on. However, Philly Philly Cheesesteaks has already made improvements. Philly Philly Cheesesteaks would often run out of stock easily due to the outstanding success. The amount of sales was unexpected, and the owner, Sal DiMaggio, described it, saying, “It was a blessing from God.” Learning from this experience, DiMaggio made sure to stock up on extra food and ingredients to ensure they did not run out during open hours. To ensure that no food is wasted, leftover food is given to the workers or given away.

Ever since the first cheesesteak was made during the Great Depression by Pat Olivieri, the Cheesesteak has been known as a Philadelphia special. The goal of Philly Philly Cheesesteaks is to bring a piece of Philadelphia into local Perkasie with its food. Cheesesteaks may be known for their simplicity of just three ingredients: meat, bread, and cheese. Philly Philly Cheesesteaks found a way to expand on this simple delicacy. Whether it is for a quick stop or a full dine-in, Philly Philly Cheesesteaks’s expansive menu is sure to have something for everyone’s tastes.


Philadelphia Cheesesteaks

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