The Last Month Senior Year

Hallie Baier, Journalism Student

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June 13th, 2019, the date that most all seniors are itching to arrive sooner. Graduation day is a special day where the class of 2019 gets together one last time in our caps and gowns and celebrates leaving high school. While it is a fun day, there are also many more events still coming up. For example, over 100 students are participating in a senior game called Jackal. Jackal is not run or affiliated with Pennridge High School. It is run by one senior named Justin DeFrancisco. A team of two people team up together and are assigned targets to “shoot” with a water gun and eliminate them from the game. The grand prize this year is a whopping $1,702! Some other events are the senior picnic and prom on June 7th. Although there are many days to look forward to after high school is over, it’s time to put away the countdowns and enjoy your final days. Graduation is a sad good-bye and an exciting hello to new experiences, friends, and your choice of college.  College isn’t the only choice for seniors though. Senior Anthony Helbling said, “I plan to work out of high school and just visit my friends up at all their different colleges.” Another senior, Tori Fuchs explained, “I plan on going to college at Temple and majoring in public health to eventually become a physical therapist, hopefully pediatric”. Both seniors, when asked about what they are excited for at the end of the school year said, “We’re excited for prom, graduation, last memories with everyone before college and of course meeting new people.” Throughout high school everyone changes. Freshman year, you meet new people and make new friends but you also might lose some people you have been friends with previously. You try out for new sports, new clubs, and experience getting your permit, license, turning 18, prom, homecoming and so much more. While senior year is a time for change and uncertainty, there is a comfort in knowing that if you survived these past four years of constant change you can take on anything that comes your way next. If there’s any advice I could give as a senior with a short month left it’s this, “Join clubs, sports, talk to people you wouldn’t usually talk to, don’t miss out on opportunities or experiences you may not get again. Do well in every year of high school not just junior year. This allows you to be able to get into college or trade school of your choice. Thank the teachers who truly made a difference in your time here. There’s not many responsibilities you have right now, so enjoy all of the moments when you are in them.”