‘19 Graduating Class Senior Video:

What this year has in store…

Sayde Van Etten, Student Writer

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The Senior video has been a time-honored tradition practiced by previous generations of Pennridge Alumni, as a nostalgia inducing commemoration of the four years every student worked tirelessly toward, not only their achievements, but the much anticipated graduation day. Played at each class’ graduation ceremony, it aims to encompass the spirit of the departing student body; as well as highlight the unique and slightly rambunctious characters that comprised the graduating class and will differentiate it from all preceding and future classes. The video has rightfully gained its title as a rite of passage for seniors, alongside spray painting the rock, and kicking underclassmen to the curb when they attempt to sit outside at lunch. As per Pennridge tradition, a group of students have been selected to construct the concept of the video, do all the shooting, and organizing of participants. This year’s student directors being none other than Nick Spano, Ryan Winkworth, Emily Hegen, John Carlo Cooper, and CJ Diely. Supervised by the media tycoon himself, Mr. Friedman.

The diverse and talented group selected plans to provide a new perspective to the senior video to contrast with the previous productions. Head Coordinator of shooting Nick Spano shared  “Instead of remembering and looking back, we would like it to be more exciting and uplifting. Like looking at what we have accomplished and the future”. He also claimed that there is an effort to make this year’s senior video more available to the participating students than ever before. Spano plans to do so by allowing requests be sent in for specific scenes, granting students the ability to treasure their own small contribution, and share their clip with friends and family. Plans to go beyond the school campus for shooting have also been discussed… “This year we’re also celebrating different spots in the community. It’s nice to get students off campus. It reminds them of a great time when they watch it back again.” Friedman had to comment.

The video, only allowed a 6-8 minute window, and over 300 student participating; it hopes to capitulate the lives of the students, our lives, as best it can. If you wish to participate but did not sign up for the survey sent out, you may still have a chance at being a part of the senior video! To sign up visit Mr. Friedman in his room on the first floor.