Why Staying at Home is Saving Front Line Workers

In Pennsylvania, citizens should continue to be under a stay-at-home order. Recently, there have been debates about opening up businesses to save our crippling economy. On Monday, April 20, thousands gathered in Harrisburg to protest the new guidelines Governor Wolf has put in place, now until May 8. Citizens want to see our economy open back up to save the country’s economy and their own personal economy. These guidelines include wearing a mask wherever you go out in public. This sparked debate. 

According to Paul Muschick from the Morning Call, the order that was mandated gives in to the individuals by telling businesses that they have to accommodate people who refuse with different ways of delivery. There are people refusing to wear protection. 

At the protest on Monday, and around the country, nurses and healthcare workers counter protested the anti stay-at-home order protesters.They were silent with signs urging protesters to go home to safety. Katrina Rectenwald, a nurse part of the counter protest, said to CNN, “We don’t think we have enough equipment in all the hospitals in PA to take care of all the patients that are going to be coming in based on us getting a surge.”

Nurses are pleading for people to stay home, for the population’s safety and their safety, and wear a mask every time they go out. This will ultimately help us recover from this pandemic.

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