The Importance of Taking Journalism

If you’re unsure if you want to take Journalism, take it! Especially if you like writing or English in general, this course will give you a much deeper understanding of all things Journalism. Through projects, articles, comic strips, and more you will learn how to become a journalist and a better writer.

I think what helped me grow most as a student was the different and new lessons that Mrs. Gordienko had. A lot of times English/writing can get repetitive, but she keeps things fresh and had so many lessons that forced you to think out of the box.

While this class is definitely fun, it also comes with a lot of work. Sometimes, you will have multiple things to be working on, that are all due at different times. You have to be on top of your work or else you’ll fall behind and it may be hard to catch up. With focus and organization, you will be fine! Personally, all of the different assignments and projects only helped prepare me for college by making me have to figure out what works best for me.