The Daily Dose of Music Dilemma

Since Pennridge High School switched from hybrid to “all in”, the administration integrated daily morning music sessions. Before first period, music is played through the loudspeakers into the hallways and classrooms of the high school. The selection of music as of now is mostly older songs which have many teachers dancing but leaves mixed reviews amongst the students. 

The original plan was to play music in the mornings for just the first full week back. Mr. Ott, one of Pennridge’s assistant principals, explained why they chose to start the daily music saying, “Dr. Cashman wanted to welcome everyone back and create an inviting atmosphere for the first day.” With so much positive feedback from the staff, Mr. Ott continued the fun and made it an everyday thing. Teachers now send him songs and suggestions that he then adds to the morning playlist.

Some students like Nick Politi, a senior at Pennridge High School, are ecstatic about the music in the morning. Before first period, you can find Nick dancing through the halls to the music with his friends. However, Nick listens to a lot of older music in his free time as well as rock, alternative rock, and country, so he is fond of the music selection. He described the effect of the music on him saying, “dancing in the hallways every morning puts a smile on my face.” 

Nick’s opinion on the music doesn’t speak for all of the high students though. In a survey about the music selection, a student wrote that they would like to hear “more music everyone is familiar with. Sometimes there will be some weird stuff on there that no one has heard of.” Another question in the survey asked, “what type of music do you prefer to listen to?” and the top three responses were: rap/ hip hop, country, and rock/alternative rock. Only 8.5% of students said they preferred to listen to 80s music which is popularly played over the loudspeaker.

If you aren’t enjoying the selection of music then share your input! The staff and administration have been sending in requests so it’s time for students to do the same. Mr. Ott even said, “I would love to have student requests.” Email Mr. Ott at [email protected] with your appropriate and clean song request as well as the full lyrics to the song. With this, everyone can have as much fun as Nick Politi in the morning. Send in your requests and join the dance party!