Who is Man’s True Bestfriend?

Finally Settling the Age-Old Debate of Cats vs Dogs

Archeological evidence shows that people have been domesticating animals as pets for over 30,000 years. Ever since we as people have been domesticating animals there has been the debate, which animal is the best pet? The two most popular pets in the United States are dogs and cats. While you can’t argue over which owners love their pets more or which pet cares more for their owners. We are able to debate which one is the most helpful to us as people. When thinking about which pet is better in this way the answer is clear. Dogs reign supreme.

Dogs are able to be service animals, therapy animals, and serve as police animals. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, they define a service animal as a dog that had been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. You may be wondering why they do not allow cats to be service animals. This is because cats can be difficult to train and are not physically capable enough to provide the wide range of tasks that dogs are able to do. This is the same reason why dogs are the number one most common animal used for therapy animals.

Cats are the second most popular therapy animal and are used for people who can be intimidated by dogs. You will even see a lot of nursing homes having cats wander around for this reason and because they are easier to keep up after. Now, you won’t be seeing any police cats any time soon for a few reasons. One of them is because a cat’s sniffing ability is worse than a dog’s. Although cats are very intelligent, their behavior makes means that they are less likely to respond to orders when they are given. Cats are also far more independent than dogs and won’t necessarily see humans as their superior, unlike their canine counterparts. Senior juggler Jesse Kitabjian had this to say about the topic. “As someone who has both a cat and a dog I can say that it was much easier to train my dog.” “My dog is also much more social than my cat is, but they are both great pets.” Jesse had continued to say. You can’t deny a person’s love for their pet, dog or cat, but since dogs are more versatile, easier to train, and more obedient they are the better pet and truly are man’s best friend.