Everyone Should Lift Weights

Everyone should lift weights. Not just sports players, or natural athletes. Lifting weights increases strength, burns dangerous visceral fat, is great for both men and women, reduces the risk of general injury, boosts mood, and aids in mental health.

Why is strength important? No one is immune to time. As you get older, it gets harder to be able to lift heavy objects and carry things around. Your joints and muscles weaken and sting with aches. And how many times have you heard about an old man with a bad back? Lifting weights on a regular basis provides you with strong joints capable of withstanding the attack from Father Time.

Don’t be intimidated to get into lifting. Everyone starts at the bottom, and works their way up! Don’t be afraid to use the lower weights or put emphasis on slower, more controlled movements. You’ll become more adapted to the exercise and eventually, your performance will enhance at a constant pace. Even if you don’t have access to a gym, exercises like push-ups, crunches, pull-ups, and air squats can build muscle for your body.

You’ll also shred visceral fat, which is the fat that surrounds your abdominal organs deep within your body. Visceral fat is linked to Type II diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, bowel cancer, obesity, high cholesterol, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. Lifting weights helps to prevent these diseases and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Lifting weights is not just for guys, either. There’s a big misconception for girls that lifting weights will make you bulky. But in reality, since girls only share 5-10% of the testosterone of males, becoming bulky isn’t a danger. Lifting creates lean muscle mass that girls and boys alike would benefit from in all areas of the body. And since it helps to prevent the most common type of cancer in women, breast cancer, it’s a fine fit to stay in shape! Many women want to stay fit but struggle with excess cardio and dieting. Building the dream body starts with a healthy balance of protein, calories, and dumbbells.

Lifting also increases your overall mood. Because of the endorphins that are released during physical activity, stress is relieved and happiness is increased! And there’s nothing more empowering than seeing yourself progress in strength and in overall physique.

Some writers from FamilyDoctor.org claim that “Lifting weights that are too heavy can cause muscle and joint damage. Doing so can also cause spinal injuries such as herniated discs.” This is true, but misleading. Lifting weights on a progressive beginner plan that focuses on form and movement is a full-proof way to make gains and stay safe. There are risks in every physical activity, right? Same with lifting. As long as you don’t walk into the gym and try to curl the 80lb dumbbells as a warm-up, you can leave the thought of injury behind you.

So, everyone should lift weights because of the overwhelming benefits in strength, health, and mood.