The Heart Behind the Legs

A Joey Gant Story


Kieran Banks

Star runner Joey Gant enjoying and excelling in his criminology class

Everyone knows Joey Gant as “the track star.” He holds school records for both the 100 and the 200-meter dash, and is ranked 17th in the nation for the 400-meter dash. The future Princeton star has more than proved himself on the track. Gant started running track in seventh grade, initially a distance runner; he quickly found his stride as a sprinter. He has been sprinting on Pennridge track teams ever since. While track can be misinterpreted as an individual sport, Joey Gant is known as a great team player. During a recent coaching switch on the track team, Gant stepped up. He was there to give his teammates tips to help them achieve high goals, and become the best version of themselves. Gant’s teammate Tori Angelo, describes him as determined. “If he wants to achieve something he’ll work as hard as he can to achieve it. He’ll practice hard even when no one is watching.”

Joey Gant sets high goals for himself and works hard to accomplish them. One person who inspires him is his former track coach: Coach Hosier. “I want to make him proud because he has done so much for me not only as an athlete but as a person,” said Gant. He also wanted to praise his parents for “providing me with everything and anything I have ever needed in order to be the best track runner I could be.” Through his six years of track, Gant had learned many lessons. The most important lesson he learned was the importance of losing. “As much as I hate losing, it provides you with the opportunity to improve yourself and fix what may have caused you to lose. From my mistakes, I am able to learn and change in order to become even better than I was before.”

While many know Gant as the amazing athlete he is, he is also an amazing scholar. He is always kind to others, spreading smiles and joy everywhere he goes. Joey Gant is an amazing role model with his work ethic, determination, and all-around joyful attitude. I can’t wait to see what Joey Gant does next, as I’m sure whatever is in store for him it will be amazing.