Deep Dive into Girls Lacrosse


Scott Hegen

Pennridge women’s Lacrosse team wearing pink for Mrs. Fehers Baby girl on game day.

The women’s lacrosse team at Pennridge High School is gearing up and beginning their season. After eight seniors graduated last season, there were positions to fill and expectations to uphold.
So far the team has a 2-2 record with 15 games left in the regular season, and playoffs are always the goal. Head coach, Karen Feher, is optimistic about the season, hoping to finish strong the same way they started strong. Going into this season, Feher has new knowledge she learned from last season, stating “I learned the players benefit more if I take the approach of being positive and uplifting.” Along with that, she has found that if she physically shows them what she’s trying to teach, they understand and pick it up much faster. When asked what her favorite part of coaching is, Feher said, “When you are trying to go over a new skill, the moment you master a skill is a beautiful moment.” The lacrosse team puts so much effort into trying to be the best they can be and working with one another. Coach Feher just had her baby Thursday. While she will be out for the rest of the season, Kathy Loughery will be stepping up, and she will have lots of support from Coach Will.

Senior captain, Aubrie Rawlings, is also expecting a successful season. We asked how she thinks the team will do this season and she responded, “I think we will be good because we have a lot of talent and chemistry.” With the new freshman on the team, there will be a new dynamic, hopefully working toward the team’s advantage. Rawlings later said, “I can see the potential in the team and I’m excited to see the new players gain strength.”

The typical practice runs on a fairly regular schedule. Feher says “It is important we start together and end together every practice.” When the players arrive for practice, they stretch and warm up. Once they are ready to go, the team will do shuttles and drills. The team comes together to go over what they have in their upcoming week, specifically the next day. If there is a game, the coaches will spend extra time reviewing game strategies, and plans, and possibly watching film. JV and varsity split for a while to practice their own games. The players work on skills that can be improved until the end of practice.

From our interviews and through social media it is very obvious this team has a special bond that will last forever not only on the field but off the field. The team participates in many team bonding activities in season and off-season making them come together. Additionally, the team volunteers together and goes to Philly In Motion. This bond makes them a stronger team. Former Pennridge Lacrosse player, Emily Padva, said “the thing I miss most about the team was how close we were. I still talk to many of the players even after graduating.” We wish the team good luck throughout the rest of their season!