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A Deep Drive into the Perkiomen Creek

Aaron Ladd
Chris Cullen catching a rainbow trout

Fishing is a popular pastime, with over 50 million avid and novice fishermen participating in the activity each year in the United States alone. It is relaxing and can be a source of food for those who excel at it. All that is required is a basic fishing license, basic equipment like a rod, string, and a hook, knowledge about when and where to catch fish, and a little luck. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) website has all the information that novice fishermen need before diving into this activity. From purchasing a license to stocking schedules, anyone looking to try fishing can find the information they need to succeed. Dale, an experienced fisherman who has been fishing since he was 10, would advise beginners to have, “Patience. It’s called fishing for a reason. Enjoy the time now, even if you’re not catching something.”

A popular target among anglers is trout. The PFBC only allows trout fishers to catch and keep five fish per day, as long as they are seven inches or longer. As the brook trout is the state fish of Pennsylvania, it makes sense that they are abundant in streams throughout the state. This year, 3.2 million trout were stocked into Pennsylvania waters by the PFBC, the agency regulating all state fishing and boating. Many streams in the area draw anglers from surrounding counties, as they are well stocked by the PFBC. A popular fishing spot in Perkasie is the Perkiomen Creek. It is a 24.5-mile meandering waterway that passes through Berks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties. It is a great spot to find many fish, including smallmouth bass, trout, channel or flathead catfish, rock bass, redbreast sunfish, and carp. Knowing this, the Perkiomen Creek would be an ideal place to try our luck with trout fishing.

According to Joe Lanzetta, an experienced fisherman, other good places to fish would include Lake Nockamixon, the Delaware River, and all its tributaries. Lanzetta enjoys fishing because of “the solitude and being with nature and being with friends…” We started our adventure near Bucks County Community College and quickly noticed it was well stocked with trout and carp. We attached the trout magnets to the hooks and cast our lines into the water, eager to show off our skill in landing a fish. While abundant, the trout only nibbled the lines’ ends but wouldn’t bite. In an effort to change our luck, we gave up on this part of the creek and traveled a few hundred feet to our next spot. We ran into some trouble as we traversed the dirt path that followed the creek. Patches of poison ivy occasionally showed up on the path, and our rods were tangled within the trees. Once we made it to another section of the creek, we commenced our second attempt at catching a trout. After half an hour, we finally caught an eight-inch trout. We caught two red-breasted sunfish and a rock bass during our next few hours of fishing. After our successful trip, we returned down the dirt path, happy with our accomplishments.

In our experience, the best fishermen are knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated. It is essential to know the legal requirements prior to casting that first line into the water. Researching to know the best locations, time of day, and stocking schedules will also add to the success of any fishing adventure. Patience is also required, as even in well-stocked streams, it can take quite a bit of time to reach the limit of five trout. Those most dedicated to the sport, acquiring the best equipment and seeking out the best locations, are most likely to fill their coolers and stomachs and come away with stories to entertain friends and family for generations.

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Aaron Ladd, Student Writer
Aaron Ladd, Grade 12. Interests include volleyball, drumming, escape rooms, playing video games, and learning different ways to execute math problems. Aaron currently works for Ludwig Renovations and works to renovate customer's kitchens and bathrooms. Aaron plans to attend Wilkes University and wishes to get a bachelor's degree in structural engineering.

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