April Showers Brings More Awareness


Bri Godwin

The grounds where Pennridge holds April Showers.

April Showers is a Pennridge event that aims to raise money and spread awareness for the Special Olympics. Tammy Pfistner, one of the organizers states, “The Special Olympics is a club at Pennridge High School that provides inclusive opportunities for those with and without disabilities to participate together in club activities and sports. We hold fun events throughout the school year that help foster connections and build a more inclusive community here at Pennridge. Our Unified Bocce and Track and Field Team helps give everyone the opportunity to be on a team!” This year April Showers will be held on Friday, April 29. Last year the event was held outside, but the speaking ceremony was held inside. This year the whole event will be held outside on the, hopefully, bright and sunny April day. In 2021, Pennridge Highschool competed with Souderton Area Highschool to see which school could raise more money. Pennridge ended up raising more than $22,000. As a result of the astounding donations, they won an award from the Special Olympics for most April Showers money raised in Pennsylvania. This year Pennridge is competing with no one but itself to raise even more money than last year.

The amazing people behind the scenes of this life-changing event are Pennridge teachers, Angela James, and Tammy Pfistner. This year they are going to kick off the event with teacher Adam Rabuck and his Rock and Roll band. There will be five fire trucks, one from every local borough, at the event with their hoses ready to spray all the participants. That is a huge difference from the one fire truck at the event last year! Pfistner loves watching all her students and all the Pennridge students come together “to have fun and enjoy everything that benefits them”. Another huge part of putting together this event is the student club members, specifically Paige Lipp. Paige is a part of the crew that actually sets up April showers. Paige has been a part of Unified Track and April Showers since last year and she plans to continue doing it next year as well. She is beyond excited for this year’s event and thinks that it will be even more organized than last year!

The Special Olympics and everyone involved are very excited about the new and improved April showers on April 29. April showers is done by Pennridge to help out the Special Olympics crew. It is a remarkable event that takes so much effort to put together. The event will run from 3rd period until 9th period, an all-day fun event. There is no reason you and all your friends should not come on down to support the April Showers! Plus who wouldn’t want to see Rabuck and his band!