Pennridge Earth Club Celebrates Earth Day!

Earth Club officers and Kylie DeStefano during lunch

Earth day is always April 22. This year The Earth Club at Pennridge High School did spirit days for the week of Earth Day. On Tuesday, April 19, The Earth Club did the spirit day thrift day asking students to wear clothes that are thrifted. On Wednesday, April 20, it was lights out day; the school was trying to save electricity by not having all the lights on and the students wore neon to glow in the dark. On Thursday, April 21, it was tie-dye day to keep the plant groove. Then, Friday, April 22 Earth Club did blue and green day to show your support for the earth. In recent years, they used their budget to get picnic tables for the courtyard. On Friday, students were allowed to have lunch in the courtyard. A few years ago the Earth Club also spent money to donate water bottle filling stations in the school.

President of the club, Brielle Yencha explained some other things they did as a club leading up to Earth Day. Telling us, “We picked up trash in December and we planted sunflowers with life skills.” The Earth Club is doing a lot for the school to help keep it clean. As Vice President Jayn Lafty told us, “Earth club’s main focus is to help make Pennridge a more environmentally friendly place.” Lunch in the courtyard on Earth Day had a great turnout. It was a beautiful day and the weather was great. Jayne said that “People were respectful of the space, cleaned up after themselves, and it was an overall great time.” Eating lunch in the courtyard was a great idea that seems to have gone just the way it should.

Earth Club’s advisor is Kim Reese. The club’s description is to help coordinate with elementary schools’ science departments to implement environmental awareness at the elementary level. Their goal for Earth Day was to have more people use the courtyard provided by the school as well as put the new tables to use to get people outside in the fresh air. Yencha and Lafty both want to help keep the environment clean. Some ideas they have that people can do to help the environment are to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Jayne said, “Little decisions like choosing to bring reusable bags to the grocery store or conserving water when brushing your teeth can make a big difference if we all did it.” The Earth Club is doing amazing things for our school and environment.