Pennridge Brings a Close to the School Year With a Spirited Lib Dub


Arushi Singh

The box that the names for the solos in the Lip Dub will be drawn from.

The Lip Dub is making its comeback to Pennridge High School for the third time in a row as an engaging way to bring students and staff together. As a student-driven initiative with the support of Media Production teacher, Jeremy Friedman, this year’s Lip Dub can be perceived as a celebration of normalcy after two years of a Covid-centered world. May 31 is the date on the calendar of what has coincidentally become a quadrennial event. The past two Lip Dubs were held in 2014 and 2018 and portrayed an enthusiastic school community. In 2014, the Lip Dub was on the song “Part of Me” by Katy Perry and in 2018, it was done on the song ‘Whatever it Takes” by Imagine Dragon. A popular question since the announcement has been which song they have decided on this year. “You Make Me Feel” by Cobra Starships was recently announced on Pennridge’s morning show,  The Ramble, as this year’s lip dubbed song. An upbeat and positive song, “You Make Me Feel” fits the trend of chosen songs from past years.

            In recent years, Lip Dubs have become a defining cultural trend. An efficient way to bring people together, Lip Dubs were at the peak of popularity in the early 2010s. Whether the origins of the rise of Lip Dubs can be credited to, TikTok, Youtube, or “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, almost every school in the nation has engaged in this entertaining event. Even amongst the excitement, the preparation that goes into organizing the Lip Dub takes months of planning. Friedman says, “The media team in ninth period was the brainchild for this.” Proposals of the idea were done before winter break, but the uncertainty around mask mandates and covid regulations made the possibility of the Lip Dub seem up in the air. However, Friedman discusses how Pennridge’s principal, Dr. Stephen Cashman emailed him months later about bringing the idea to the table. As a way to truly create a sense of community, students will be asked to wear Pennridge colors and Pennridge-related attire in the lip dub. The video’s purpose is to portray the school under the spirit of Pennridge Rams. 

            There are multiple parts of the Lip Dub for Pennridge students and staff to look forward to this year. From two glow-in-the-dark tunnels to an abundance of props, the Lip Dub is a thrilling celebration of a unique school year. Students that have seen the excitement of past Lip Dubs for years finally have the opportunity to participate. Senior Logan Arnold says, “I heard about it when I was a freshman, and I was so excited and looking forward to it all my high school years.” The solo and groups that wanted to lip sync did so by writing their names on slips of paper and putting them in the decorative box on the 1st floor. Names will be randomly drawn from the box as the Lip Dub gets closer to select who gets to perform. As May 31 approaches, the enthusiasm of the Pennridge High School community hasn’t gone unnoticed.