Bye Bye Class of 2022

Senior Features at Pennridge


Josephina Mason

This is Liam McLaughlin’s senior photo at Pennridge High School.

After 12 long years of school, whether at Pennridge or not, seniors are finally ready to graduate and go out to the world. It’s finally time for us seniors to go out and find ourselves, our identity, and try our best to impact our world the best we can. Most of us are unsure what our future holds, but we have ideas of what it could be, and what we want it to be. Whether we’re going to college, working right away, or honorably serving our country, the class of 2022 is hopeful and is ready to enter the world. As the school year comes to an end, there are many fond memories and hopes that the class of 2022 has, as well as many more to make in the future.

Before we can embrace our future, we asked some seniors at Pennridge to reminisce on their school experiences. One senior, Alexis Wile, spoke about her favorite childhood memory in school. She talked about field day when she was in elementary school, specifically about the nice break from school, the competitiveness, and the fun of placing first in the 50-yard dash with her family watching and cheering her on. When asked about their favorite senior memory, Marla Vogt spoke about the fun of the football season and everything that entailed. From getting ready for games with friends, to blaring music in the car on the way there, to cheering for the team at the game; the football games and the season was enjoyable for many seniors.

The future can be daunting sometimes, but many seniors are eager to get out into the world. When asked about his future plans after graduation, Liam McLaughlin said he plans on attending Penn State University and majoring in biomedical engineering. He also says that he hopes to travel in his time in college, hoping to study abroad and help expand his horizons and network. When asked where he sees himself five years from now, he sees himself still in college working on biomedical engineering, as he claims this field takes a while and can be quite difficult.

Deciding what college you want to attend can be a very large task that requires effort from all students. Making this major decision is a hefty process, and it includes many different tasks from researching schools that interest you, deciding on your major, asking Pennridge staff for a variety of papers, and then ultimately deciding on what school you’re going to. However, there are many alternatives to college that include community college, getting a job right away, to even enlisting and serving in a branch of the military. The possibilities for the class of 2022 are open with passion, interest, and honor to drive the students to strive for what they want to be in life. For the first time in our young lives, we finally get to go out into the real world and follow our passions!