A day in the life of a Marine


American and Marine Flags

Here at the recruiting office, led by Sgt. Pace, Sgt.Miller, and Sgt. Ratliff, we get a good look at what goes on daily. All of them came back from the fleet; SSgt. Pace came back as a light armored vehicle repairman mechanic in the Marines. Sgt. Miller is a motor T operator in the reserves and now hopes to make MARSOC marine corps special operations command in the marine corps. Sgt Ratliff is a radio operator. The office is located about 15 minutes from Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

The recruiters in the office typically spend their day making phone calls, establishing and maintaining contacts in their community, and sharing information about military training and the jobs available for those that are interested, sometimes even by talking to school representatives, public officials, and personnel managers. When being a recruiter, you must be between the rank of Corporal and Master Sergeant. Recruiting isn’t all they provide; it’s the wisdom of their experiences in the Marine Corps and life. They recruit people that are interested and when they’re ready to enlist they send them to MEPS, the military entrance processing station, to enroll and swear under oath.

However, recruiting isn’t all they do. They also formulate the most grueling workouts for us on Thursdays. They generally consist of many cardio and core workouts, which can test your mental and physical ability and help prepare you for boot camp. The workouts that we do help with proving oneself and unleashing one’s inner potential. We are the best recruiting office in Buck’s County for the Marines. It teaches you discipline and learning never to give up. SSgt. Pace teaches us the general orders and officer, which is vital when enlisting in the Marines Corps.

The history of the Marine Corps is what is most interesting and exemplifies what it is all about. The Marine Corps was founded in Tun Tavern, PA, on November 10, 1775. The first amphibious operation occurred in the Bahamas in 1776 under the commandment of Captain Samuel Nichols. Marines also contributed to numerous naval operations during the war of 1812, defending Washington at Bladensburg, Maryland, and fighting alongside Andrew Jackson in the defeat against the British in New Orleans. In World War I, the corps distinguished itself as devil dogs in 1918 at Belleau Wood, Soissons, St. Michela, Blanc in the final medusa Argonne forest. They also did their part in Vietnam. Marines also landed in Beirut, Lebanon, as a multinational peacekeeping force.

I got to talk with some of the recruiters in the office, including Sgt.Ratliff and SSgt. Pace about what Marine Corps history meant to them. Sgt Ratliff stated,” the history of the Marine Corps plays a significant role in brotherhood. Everyone in the Marine Corps is taught how it began and how every Marine has shaped it into what it is today. There are people giving their lives left and right of you.” SSgt. Pace stated,” everything in the Marine Corps is rooted by tradition. We learn from our previous predecessors.” I got to talk to them about what the Marine Corps Hymen meant to them, which is the Marine Corps battle song. Sgt. Ratliff said it exemplifies what it means to be a Marine and that Marines guard the streets.” SSgt. Pace being at the office a little longer, stated,” it’s our legacy. It tells a story; it’s our battle song.” After asking him what strategies he has for recruiting, he responded with,” being a genuine person.”