Valentine’s Day From a High School Point of View


Taken By: Hadley Polson

Couple on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with it comes chocolate hearts, fancy dinners, and flower bouquets. There’s no doubt this frilly holiday is special for high school sweethearts, newly engaged lovers, or couples celebrating their 50th marriage anniversary. Valentine’s Day has been around for over a century. It originated as a Christian feast day honoring an early Christian martyr named St. Valentine. Others believe that Valentine’s Day originated in ancient Rome when two men named Valentine were executed on Feb. 14. Their execution was later honored by the Catholic Church. Throughout time, it has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of love from country to country.
Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to shower your loved one with gifts and words of affection. However, Valentine’s Day is sometimes seen as merely another day in February. Perhaps couples should express their love for their significant other every single day of the year instead of just on Valentine’s Day. Joey Roos, a Pennridge High School senior, stated, “I see [Valentine’s Day] as something pointless and annoying because you shouldn’t feel differently about someone just because of a ‘special’ day.” Many use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to celebrate their love for another individual. Just as Roos mentioned, perhaps an individual’s expression of love should not be restricted to one day a year. Melanie Cooke, a Central Bucks South High School senior, said, “You should love people every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.”
Valentine’s Day is a heartwarming way for couples to show their appreciation for one another with gifts and treats. There are many different ways for couples to celebrate. A New York Times article highlighted the most common Valentine’s Gifts. Some of these gifts include extravagant flowers, candy, chocolates, self-care products, home decor, fruit assortments, and dinner reservations. There is a wide selection of restaurants in the Perkasie area to dine with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Some of these include The Ram, The Perk, Maize Restaurant, The Hattery Stove and Grill, and The Washington House.
Roos brought up the idea that Valentine’s Day is “an opportunity for companies to make more money because people feel pressured to buy certain things.” Just as Roos expressed, some may see Valentine’s Day as a way only for companies to make a little extra cash. Cooke agreed as she stated, “I think Valentine’s Day is more of a revenue holiday rather than a traditional holiday.” Valentine’s Day may be seen as a pointless holiday used for money and commercialism, but for many, it is a wonderful day to set time aside to share with their significant other.
Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration to share with loved ones. It’s estimated that around 60 percent of couples across 28 countries celebrate their love for one another on Valentine’s Day. This day offers a unique opportunity to share and spread a little extra love annually. The love and appreciation shown on Feb. 14. should be shown throughout each and every other day of the year.