Start Your Summer Shopping at the Promenade!


Liam Smith

The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley sign

As summer is right around the corner, it’s always a good time to think about what items you’ll need to get you through the summer. This can be anything from new clothes to updated camping gear to even a new book. Sometimes, it’s helpful to plan (and shop) ahead to avoid crowds. The Promenade, located in Saucon Valley, is a well-rounded shopping center for all of your summer needs. Here, I’ll feature some of the amazing shops that are available to you when you visit.

Let’s highlight the category of clothing. It’s always important to check your favorite clothing store at various times of the year, as deals may come and go. Take stores like American Eagle and Old Navy. These are examples of retail chain stores in which you can sign up for a mailing list and shop for clothing at various locations. The promenade allows for large stores full of various options, whether this be men’s or women’s wear and summer or winter gear. Other stores such as Francesca’s and Altar’d State are unique boutiques that offer items that are exclusive to their store. Both retail chains and boutiques are scattered throughout the shopping center, allowing options for all shopping interests.

Food and drink shops and restaurants are also available to shoppers. Chain restaurants offered such as Red Robin and Starbucks allow for quick and easy food and drink and satisfy the average consumer. Other restaurants such as Top Cut and Torre offer unique eating experiences and strive to offer lasting memories to first-time customers. Other food and drink options include Batch Microcreamery, Wine & Spirits Premium Collections, and The Fresh Market.

Entertainment and beauty options are far from few. A variety of ways to fill your day with fun or beautify your spring self are available at the promenade. AMC Center Valley 16 Theaters is a way to amplify your movie-watching experience, offering state-of-the-art DOLBY and IMAX technology. Barnes and Noble offer not just books – rather endless options of books, music, movies, and gifts. This store surely would satisfy anyone’s book request. Beauty stores such as Bath & Body Works, Diva Nails, Kay Jewelers, LensCrafters, and more offer affordable beauty products and experiences.

Many can attest to the Promenade being a great place to shop for your summer needs. Julia Kramer explains that the Promenade is a “fun place to go when it’s nice out and with friends,” Tina Hulshizer adding it’s “very family-friendly and also is very clean.” As you can see, the Promenade offers unique products and services that would surely satisfy the average person. Whether you spend a few hours or a day’s worth of shopping, the Promenade offers limitless options that’ll surely benefit your summer checklist!