Tanning 🤝 Bodybuilding

A tan can make your back a lot more defined!

Tanning 🤝 Bodybuilding

Tanning and bodybuilding go hand in hand because of the definition the tan brings to your body. As someone who has done a bodybuilding competition, Alexis Moyer, and someone who has done extensive research on tans, Sydney Peoples, we are bringing our knowledge to the table on who and/or what to use during a bodybuilding competition here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Diving deeper into why tan is used, the tan enables the competitor’s muscles to be more visible even when they aren’t flexing. The darker colors bring more depth to the muscles. The lighting on the stage is also bright and harsh, so this will end up washing out lighter skin tones. Everyone can benefit from using an artificial color. The tan will improve your skin tone, make your muscle more visible, and add shine.

To start off with the dos and dont’s of tans in a competition, do not tan your face. You can use makeup to adjust to the color. The tan may affect your makeup. You must ensure you shave your entire body and exfoliate the day before. If you are opting to do so yourself, the Pro Tan DIY Tanning Kits (Pro Tan) includes an exfoliator, mit, bikini bite, tanning bottle, and shine. Whether you choose to do it yourself or have it done, you will want to wear loose-fitting clothing to wear to bed. Anything tight may alter your tan by smudging it. You will also want only to do one coat of tanner the night before. You’ll do another the day of to clear up any spots that were missed or smudged.

When you are choosing to tan for a competition or special event, the most common tanning method is a spray tan. This is mainly due to an air brush’s almost flawless application. A regular foam or mousse self-tanner will work for the pre-tan the night before. I recommend using a tanner you already know and love for even the pre-tan. You do not want to wake up on the day of a show and look orange or green from not knowing what works for you. You also do not want to have any reaction to your product on the day of a show, so you should try it before.

A body-building spray tan is normally much darker than an everyday spray tan. This is because the bright white stage lights wash you out and can make your muscles look flat. This would practically defeat all the work you put into defining the muscles you already have.

From doing it yourself to having a professional do it, a tan for a bodybuilding show is very much needed. It will not only be a treat for you to get pampered after a tough few months of training but also make you look better. The ridges of your muscles will be filled in with tanner and given a more defined look, which is what the judges will be looking for. So do yourself a favor and reward your hard work with a nice dark tan two days before your show.