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The Power of Tarot

A Face-To-Face Experience With A Psychic
Alex Roehl
Lotus Evan’s Tarot Card Table

The future can be a daunting concept, as the unknown is always scary. While uncertainty can help make life exciting, it isn’t always welcome. The fear it brings can leave us anxious or doubtful of ourselves, which is why many turn to tarot readings to help them find clarity and comfort in what’s awaiting them down the road.

Tarot card readings date back to 15th century Europe, where they were originally used to play an Italian card game called Tarocchi. As time progressed and people began to recognize the symbolic meanings behind them, tarot cards were incorporated into divination, which is the practice of predicting aspects of the future through supernatural means. In modern times, thousands of shops, businesses, and even social media outlets are dedicated to the art of psychic readings and clairvoyance. In our case, it was through social media that our group was drawn to the idea of participating in a tarot card reading.

Tarot readings can come in many forms. In some instances, it involves physically going to a shop or business to meet with a psychic in person. For Morgan Roehl, she experienced one of many readings through TikTok Live, a popular social media platform. Roehl has had readings about love, her experience studying abroad, and how her first year of teaching would go. When asked about their accuracy, Roehl explained, “None of them lied. The love one was very specific, which was weird.” Roehl had only pleasant experiences when participating in readings, which helped encourage our group to do one of our own.

On Wednesday, February 21, my friends and I decided to participate in our first tarot reading and headed to Readings by Lotus in Dublin. We each selected a three-card pull, which cost us $15, and allowed us to ask Lotus Evans three questions about our future. While Evans has been practicing since she was 18, she shared that she’s been aware of her gift since she was six years old and is a seventh-generation psychic. The skill of clairvoyance is something one is born with, and Evans has dedicated her time and effort to these readings because she “loves giving people the answers.”

Her procedure is simple. First, we just showed up, as no appointments are necessary. Once there, Evans had each of us, one at a time, sit down across from her and pick up the deck of Tarot cards. She then asked us to state our names and dates of birth and to make two wishes while shuffling the deck. After having us take a deep breath, she rang a bell to indicate that it was time for us to stop shuffling. Once the cards were still, we placed the one at the top of the deck on the table and asked our first question. We then repeated this action two more times. The questions could be about anything and everything. For example, all three of us asked about our love lives, but we also asked about our careers, what college would entail, and more. The experience was incredibly personal, so I would recommend only doing group readings with close friends and family. Evans answered each of our questions with detailed responses that showed she truly understood us and what she was predicting. The accuracy with which she spoke about us and our lives was genuinely remarkable, and I can confidently say that I trust her and her practice. For example, when I asked her how I would know what career path to take, she went in depth about me as a person and how that should affect my decision. She explained that the reading told her I was someone who loved mysteries and solving puzzles, as well as animals and sports, which is all true.

I highly recommend going to get your own tarot reading, as my friends and I found it an enjoyable and insightful experience. The goal of these sessions is to find something to resonate with and use as an anchor to move forward. As put by Evans, “I would like everyone to take everything they got from the reading and kinda just sit in it, marinate in it.” My group and I cherish the information gained from these readings, and we are excited to see how they manifest in the future.


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