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Taylor Swift’s Influence on Local Artisan’s Businesses

DestinationFearFan is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
Taylor Swift Reputation Album Keychain

Do you know a Taylor Swift lover in your life? If so, the perfect gift could be right up the street! With the rising popularity of Taylor Swift in the past year, many local artisans and small businesses have used her to promote their work. By targeting an audience that will buy products based on her albums and songs, artisans are gaining profitability and raising awareness for their work. Many small businesses release new work with Swift’s latest albums and songs, whether online or in-store. The perfect treat-yourself item or gift for a friend featuring Taylor Swift and her music can be found through a quick search or trip.

One of the largest changes Swift has made in sales in the small-business world was very recently, after the 2024 Super Bowl, when she was dating Kansas City Chief player Travis Kelce. Shortly after wearing a handmade Chief’s Jacket to the game that she had bought from a handmade local business, sales for this specific artisan skyrocketed. Because she is well known, her popularity was able to draw in more customers for this local artisan. In an article from INC. website during Small Business Week, we find that “Once Swift wore one of her custom designs, Juszczyk saw her brand gain nearly 500,000 Instagram followers in less than a week.” They mention that this was not the only small business affected by Swift’s influence and that she has increased the popularity of brands and sales. Another thrift store in Kansas City called Westside Storey experienced a 1,000% increase in sales after Swift wore a vintage sweatshirt from this brand to a Chief’s game. It is clear that because of her television exposure during these games and her well-known title, many local businesses are benefiting greatly.

If you are looking locally, so much more can be found with Taylor Swift incorporated in it. For example, items such as stickers, glass cups, mugs, candles, sweatshirts, tumblers, and more can be found. Many glass cups have been made with her lyrics or song titles written on them. If it is the holiday season, many have included ornaments in their array of sales with her photo on them or mini album covers floating inside. High School Student Lexi Capo comments on these ornaments, saying, “Yeah, I love them. I even bought one for Christmas for my older sister, who is super into Taylor Swift. It will definitely be on our tree each year.” Another item that is a great gift for any age is candles. Artisans have gotten creative with making candle scents named after her song titles. Some of these scent names include “Champagne Problems,” “Snow on the Beach,” and “State of Grace.” With these being popular songs of hers, they are hard to miss when shopping for a new candle.

If there are no small businesses or handmade shops local to your area, looking online is always a great idea. Online sales have been a great outlet for small businesses to promote and sell their work. Sites such as Etsy and even social media, like Instagram and TikTok shop, are great spots to search for Taylor Swift Items. Emma Howell, an employee of a small shop that houses about 30 local artisans located in Dublin, PA, says, “I have had so many customers ask if they can order custom stuff online, and a lot has been Taylor Swift stuff. They say they want certain lyrics or albums for their friends or daughters.” This is a great example of why so many artisans have a platform online to sell their work and create custom orders.

Whether online or in a local shop, celebrities of all kinds, whether athletes, musicians, or actresses, can be found in handmade pieces. Support local businesses that are supporting the celebrities you love most by shopping small!


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