Mobile Raiders

Jason Roberts

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Whether you are running around and have a few minutes or you are sitting at home bored out of your mind, Clash of Clans could be the game for you. The battles are limited to 3 minutes, so you have to strategize and protect you your own base. The game actually brings many communities together. Many other groups, whether they be casual friend groups or sports teams, spend time playing together. Members of the Pennridge Basketball team bonded over Clash of Clans while having the best season in school history.  It creates a sense of teamwork with your clanmates when you donate troops and battle other clans in clan wars.


There are new loading screens every few months to celebrate a new update of the holiday season. The newest update also features a new gladiator king that tramples everything in his path, and a new pass similar to Fortnite’s season pass, called the Gold Pass. Collin Mcbrierty, a student at Pennridge High School who plays daily, says “I’m considering getting the gold pass because of the features it offers.” He says would be excited if they added a high range high health low DPS character because it would add another tactic to his arsenal. Johnny Meenan, also a student at Pennridge High School, says he is “still considering getting the gold pass”, which costs $4.99. However, Johnny is glad that the developers are adding “more incentives to keep on playing” into the game.


The gold pass offers many new features for everyone.  The new gladiator king is something new for everybody.  Along with him, the new update features unique potions, gold, elixir, dark elixir, and much more.  These features show that many will continue to play towards the gold pass offered to create a better upgrading.  With these updates every few months to keep classes entertained, clash of clans will stay on top for the mobile games.


When communicating with your clanmates, you can maximize the stars you earn in clan wars, as well as let them know what troops you need to maximize your effectiveness in battle.  Supercell, the creator of the game, even added in a second base which is called a builder base. This base features many different features like a mega tesla tower and electrified Pekka. Clash offers a variety of troops to battle with creating an atmosphere of many combinations that are effective to win 3 stars across another builders base.  When battling to win over another base, you need 1 star at least. 1 star can either be destroying their town hall or destroying 50% of their base. 2 stars are 50% of the base and their town hall. 3 stars in battle are 100% of the entire base. Playing Clash can also be a relaxing experience as it also takes a real life time to upgrade your base to combat others at a higher level.  With all of these experiences combined into one game for your liking, let me ask you one question: Will I see you on the battlefield?