Senior Week: How to Plan, What to Do

Beautiful sunrise at Ocean City, NJ

With the famous senior week, also known as “beach week,” coming up next month, seniors are planning what to do during their week of celebration. East coast seniors go to the Shore to spend a week with their class as a last hurrah. They have to figure out where to go on vacation, who they will go with, and most importantly, how much money will they be spending this week?
Senior week usually takes place the week after graduation. Students rent houses, condos, or hotel rooms the same week as each other to have one huge vacation together. The most popular place for senior week in this area is New Jersey, most specifically Wildwood or Ocean City. They often go between five to seven days. Since senior week is a popular event, houses and hotels fill up very quickly. Therefore, seniors have to book houses early to secure their week. Senior Jeff Strizl is unable to attend senior week because he says, “none of my friends talked about it until it was too late, and we struggled to find a house, so we gave up.” Most will go with around ten of their friends, give or take a few. Studies show a record-breaking number of seniors planning to participate in senior week 2022.

As popular as it is, only 60 percent of seniors attend senior week. Some do worry about missing out on the experience, but the good news is that college students also have their own version of senior week. They call it beach week, and a popular hotspot for this week is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They also go around a week after graduation with a good amount of their class.
Senior week can also be very costly. Most seniors will have multiple friends in one house to lower costs. Each person will help chip in with the rental, beach fees, food, drink, etc. Senior Olivia Hangey is participating in senior week this upcoming June. She and 11 others are going to Wildwood for the week, and she says, “It was $350 per person just for rent. This doesn’t even account for gas and food.” Some fun things to do while down the shore during senior week are to have a beach day, go to the boardwalk, shopping, hammocking with friends, going to the bay, having outdoor movie nights, watching the sunset/sunrise, and much more. Regardless of whether you will be attending senior week, June is a huge month for seniors.

Congratulations and have a great summer!