High School Cast Receives Standing Ovation

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High School Cast Receives Standing Ovation


The play As You Like It showed at Pennridge High School and was a success. The show follows the story of two dukes as one banishes the other while the banished dukes daughter, Rosalind, gets to stay. A decade later the evil duke’s daughter Cecilia is friends with Rosalind and they change identities running away with the palace clown. Two brothers Oliver and Orlando are also on this journey meeting many characters along the way. Many mind bogglings events occur all tied up in love and secrets. The cast members of PHS took on this challenging Shakespearean read and amazed the audience with their acting skills.

Cast member, Victoria Coulter, was able to be interviewed shortly after the night of the play. Coulter played the part of Audrey. When asked what the hardest part of preparing for the show was, she answered, “One of the hardest parts was understanding and learning the lines because it is a Shakespearean play and the language is different than what we hear most often.” Coulter described that once the cast understood what was being said, they could portray their individual character’s emotions and actions easier.

The cast felt many emotions the night of the play, considering all of the hard work they put into this show was finally paying off. Coulter states, “The emotions I was feeling correlated to how my character was acting during that scene, but at the end of scenes or backstage waiting to go on, I was feeling excitement and I felt proud when I heard the audience clap or laugh.” The emotions from the audience made the cast realize that they were touching the feelings of each individual in the audience. That is all you can ask for when performing. You want what the performers are saying mean something to each person watching.

The cast received a standing ovation at the end of the performance. They deserve all the credit for their outstanding hard work and dedication.