The Importance of Women’s History Month


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Suffragists holding sign for women’s rights.

Women’s History Month is a well-deserved recognition of strong independent women. It once started as “Women’s History Week” in 1978. In the following years, the celebration slowly spread to multiple other countries. By 1980 the National Women’s History Project was created, and by 1987 the U.S. Congress announced March as “National Women’s History Month.” So many honorable Women have navigated the world and paved the way for positive change.

Pennridge High School History teacher, Angela Schoettle, expressed her passion for this subject “Women’s stories are some of the most under-told stories, not just in America but in the world.” She continued to express the importance of acknowledging the powerful women that have made a difference in the world and continue to do so. Ida B. Wells was a journalist and suffragist activist for African Americans and women. Wells “called out suffragists for not doing their due diligence for all women.” Madam C.J. Walker was an activist who rose from poverty to become a self-made millionaire; she used her social status to advocate for the advancement of black women. Susan B. Anthony spent more than 50 years of her life fighting for the right to vote and woman’s suffrage.

For far too long, women’s achievements have been pushed under the rug instead of given the spotlight they earned. There are so many ways to contribute to this celebration, whether donating to local shops or stopping by to show you care. So many fantastic women in our community would love the support, including Frox, a Women-owned boutique in the heart of town, the Perkasie Florist, Nourish Kitchen and Catering, and Pizazz Hair Salon. Shannon O’Sullivan a guidance counselor at PHS, expanded on this topic and talked about the Women Supporting Women club offered at the high school “When students asked about the possible club, I thought It was a great idea and important to have women supporting other women” the club has had nothing but positive feedback and rallying support. More recently, the club visited Central middle school to further spread support to young and upcoming women. The ladies spent the day painting rocks while uplifting each other.

Schoettle added, “Past and present have a connection; any inspiring woman today has a role model, which leads us to this point” Appreciation for Women has continued to become more and more prevalent in communities over the years, and Women’s achievements continue to be recognized. This month and every month is about coming together all around the world to acknowledge the strong Women all around us. It is important to know the history of previous generations so that upcoming women know where they came from. The accomplishments of the past will only encourage more to come in the future and allow young women to have the confidence that they can also make a change.

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