The Taste of Proffesional football


Connie's Pizza display is a Chicago staple.


The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most watched sports across the entirety of the United States. Besides just watching the game on the field, stadiums hold a variety of culinary opportunities to enhance the in-person experience. As there are many options for food, pizza stands out as one of the top two most purchased items at 19 percent of concession sales. A devoted Eagles fan, Rob Vassallo stated, “I only look for pizza 20 percent of the time when I am looking for food at a football stadium.” This thought by Vassallo aligns with the percentile of pizza sold at the stadium. While it has not come close to hotdog sales, pizza continues to progress toward the top-selling item.

Pizza, for the past century, has been a staple of American food due to its affordability and simplicity. Since it is simple and cheap, it has been successfully marketed in stadiums across the nation. The expensive nature of food in stadiums has allowed workers to mark large margins on this simple, easy-to-make, cheap food. The average store makes between 69 and 75 percent margins on each pizza that they sell.

The pizza customization shows the versatility that National Football League stadiums have taken advantage of. Based on the local area of the stadium, pizza can be altered to match the local tastes! New York brings in its own large, floppy crust pizza style, which is seen in the Bills stadium, while Sanfrancisco shows some healthier pizza options due to the local lifestyle in California. Some stadiums allow customers to design their own pizzas and include their own toppings on them. This creates a more personalized experience for each individual customer and fan.

In addition to just making a profit on pizza, some stadiums have partnered with local pizzerias and famous chefs to bring gourmet creations to the menu. These collaborations cause unique pizza combinations and culinary creativity. One example of this is Seattle’s Century Link Field, where they offer a Pacific Northwest pizza with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Chicago’s Soldier Field offers deep dish Chicago style pizzas made with local sauce and ingredients.

Besides the taste, stadiums conveniently locate stands throughout the stadium, ensuring that fans can grab a slice and pass a stand at halftime or anytime they get up. The portable nature of pizza in boxes makes it an accessible choice for on-the-go eating. The introduction of digital ordering allows fans to order their pizza and have it delivered to their seat without missing any part of the game. Mark Thomas, a die-hard Eagles fan, stated, “I love ordering pizza to be delivered to my seat. It is a little more expensive, but I don’t have to leave my seat and I won’t miss any of the game.”
Pizza and Nation Football League stadiums are a perfect combo and match the love of football with the irresistible flavors of beloved pizza. From New York to San Francisco, from gourmet to classic, options for pizza span wide. Pizza provides fans with an enjoyable, delightful culinary experience.