Shipwrecks and Islands: A Wonder of Multiple Universes

One of the Haar Islands

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One of the Haar Islands

The Haar Islands were originally formed during the terraforming of Mondstadt, the Nation of Anemo. Civilization began on the Haar Islands with one shipwrecked group that lived on the archipelago for many generations. Over the generations, many people tried escaping. It remains unknown if any of them were successful. Around 500 years later, there was another shipwreck on the island after a battle between opposing forces. These people, who were pirates, were able to devise an escape plan that took advantage of the island’s unique features. As it seemed likely that the escape route would work, everyone left the islands. It is not known what happened to the local inhabitants.

The history of shipwrecks is very interesting. The Black Swan shipwreck was said to be the greatest recovery of gold treasure in history. During the reign of Henry VIII, the Mary Rose sunk in a battle against the French. The USS Arizona was bombed by the Japanese in Pearl Harbor. More local to us in Cape May New Jersey, the S.S. Atlantus sunk. She was docked at Cape May in 1926 when a storm broke her loose and she was run aground off the shore of sunset beach. This is now an attraction for tourists to go see even though most of her is now underwater.

In the present day, Klee received a letter from “Dodo-King” threatening to take Dodoco, which is Klee’s “best friend”, away from her unless she could prove herself. In order to prove herself, Klee had to visit the Haar Islands. With help from the Traveler and Paimon, Klee was able to find the location of the islands as well as the means to get there. Jean, the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, and Barbara, the Deaconess of the Church of Favonius, also decided to come with her for her safety.

After arrival, they began looking for “Dodo-King” and learn about the island’s mysterious history in the process. The group was eventually joined by Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo, and Razor, who are all from the nation of Mondstadt. Despite this, they all eventually became separated. They were reunited at a later time. Each of the people on the journey received a letter from Dodo-King with varying, personal messages catered to their concerns. This caused everyone to become wary of the true identity of Dodo-King. After solving the mystery, it is revealed that Alice, Klee’s mother, had brought the group to the island so she could make sure that her daughter had a memorable summer vacation. Maryn Drumbore says, “The people that surround you on any vacation is the most memorable aspect. The laughs I have with my friends and family are memories I can never forget.”

Alice had chosen the Haar Islands because she had visited the area before and found the scenery beautiful, along with the history behind the islands. Prior to the group arriving at the island, she had spent some time dressing up the islands for her daughter’s enjoyment. Theresa Rizzo, a student at Pennridge High School, states how “I like to enjoy the vibe. It is very nice.” The vibe that Klee’s mother gave to the island for her daughter’s enjoyment made the vibe a lot better and further enhanced Klee and the group’s experience.

Hawaii has beautiful scenery and is usually recognized by its seven inhabited islands. Those islands are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. Hawaii was formally annexed into the U.S. in 1898. Kauai has beautiful greenery and is said to be the most beautiful island in Hawaii. It is home to beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, and a variety of eco-adventures.

All of the aspects of beaches, in real life or virtually, make us happy in our own ways. We can spend time with family and friends and enjoy all that beaches and islands have to offer.