Cheesesteak Shuffle

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May 20, 2019

Have you ever shuffled around from restaurant to restaurant looking for the best deals and the best tasting food? Being from the surrounding Philadelphia area, there are lots of places to find delicious cheesesteaks. However, there Neware some local restaurants that have cheesesteaks that won’t break your bank account. At the Country Place and The Perk, you can get a yummy cheese steak for under four dollars.

The Perk is famous for their Tuesday Night Special cheesesteaks that has been a tradition since 1984. The sandwiches are sold for a low price of $3.99 every Tuesday. This famous tradition brings in all types of people from the community to eat delicious food. “Whenever I come to The Perk, it’s not even a question; the go to meal is the cheesesteak and fries,” stated community member Marco Grenda. “There is just something about the sandwiches that makes them extra good here.” Although the cheesesteaks are twice as much any other day of the week, they are a great local meal.

Another community favorite are the cheesesteaks from the Country Place. The Country Place on Route 313 is notorious for their cheap prices and good food. No matter what you are looking for, you can guarantee a good deal. The price for a cheesesteak is a low $3.35 any day of the week. The Country Place is an underrated option for food like cheesesteaks which are very good and inexpensive. “They have my favorite cheesesteaks. The cheesesteaks are very cheap compared to most places, and when I leave I’ve spent under five dollars for a whole meal,” said Country place customer Monica Kerins. Since the prices are so low you may think that the food isn’t good, however, for being so cheap the meat quality is very good.

A group of four community members went out to see which of these cheap cheesesteak specialties was superior. The four started with The Perk. The cheesesteaks came out steaming and from the first bite you could taste the crunchiness of the rolls and the gooey cheese’s delicious flavor. Each bite was savored. After a few hours of letting their stomachs settle the group of community members went to the Country Place to experience the taste of the $3.35 cheesesteaks. The size and look of the cheesesteaks were above the expectations of the low prices.

After shuffling around from the two restaurants, the group came to a verdict. Even with the super cheap prices of the Country Place, The Perk’s cheesesteaks were unanimously voted better. However, even though this group said The Perk was better. The Country Place’s prices are unmatched by any local restaurant around, making it one of the cheapest places to eat.