The PHS Dance Team is More Than a Team, They’re Family

Amber Kane, Student Writer

The Pennridge High School dance team is an incredible group of girls who bond over their shared loved of dance. The dance team performs for the home basketball games, the annual talent show, and the homecoming parade. Recently, the girls traveled with the varsity basketball team to the semifinals at the Liacouras Center at Temple University against Abington. For seniors Giovanna Cappadona and Marissa Mayers, the team is more than just a bunch of girls who love to dance, it’s a “second family”, says Mayers.

Giovanna Cappadona, head captain of the team, has been a member of the dance team since her freshman year of high school. Her favorite memory from being a part of the team is the first 20 minutes of each practice. “Everyone talks about their day and it’s fun to bond with everyone who is experiencing the same things you are and to be a close-knit team.”, Cappadona says. Personally, Cappadona prefers performing at the games the most, specifically the recent game at Temple. Depending on the year, the team learns three to six routines, including game performances and the talent show. The two hour practices every Wednesday and Friday are only part of Cappadona’s dance life, she also dances outside of the school team at ‘The Dance Place’ in Chalfont. Her favorite routine learned with the team, was “Whip It”, a hip-hop number from her freshman year. Being a part of the dance team, “…has opened me to have more opportunities, such as meeting new friends and developing a love for basketball; something that would not have happened if it wasn’t for having to sit through the games.” Cappadona loves seeing the team come together to pull through a performance, whether it be at a game or regular practice.

Marissa Mayers, also a captain of the dance team, has been on the team since her freshman year as well. Being on the dance team has, “…given me happiness; without this team, I wouldn’t have met my closest friends, who bring a light into my life.” Mayers’ favorite memory with the dance team was going to the recent Temple game to perform, “…that is something I will remember forever. It was a once in a lifetime experience.” Mayers feels that she and her teammates have all improved their technique and learned many different styles of dance over the years they have been together. She also dances outside of school at the ‘Shannon Carney Dance Academy’ in Silverdale.

If you are interested in joining the dance team, not much professional dance experience is needed; you just “…need to be able to work hard and have fun”, says Mayers. Tryouts are held in late April or early May. The girls who tryout simply learn a routine and perform the number in front of the judges. Mayers says there is nothing to worry about while trying out, “I know it seems scary to have to be in front of a whole bunch of people, but honestly it’s so fun to express yourself. Having other people around you who love dance brings you closer to them”. Practices are held after school on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. If you would like to learn more about the dance team, there are also summer camps and practices available!