Lake Wallenpaupack

Ashley Groeber, Staff Writer

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same scenery in the summer?  Have you ever wanted to try out different local vacation spots? When you are considering the next vacation for you and your family, consider taking a vacation at Lake Wallenpaupack.  Lake Wallenpaupack is a beautiful freshwater lake located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The lake is the third largest man-made lake in Pennsylvania, measuring 52 miles of shoreline, and 13 miles in length.  The lake has six public recreation areas featuring hundreds of acres of forest lands, wildlife, walking trails, campsites, and boat slips. Lake Wallenpaupack is the perfect place to go for a family vacation.

There are multiple fun activities you can do while at the lake.  First, there are Wallenpaupack Scenic Boat Tours. This tour takes individuals around the entire lake in 50 minutes.  While on the tour, you will be able to see historic sites, learn details about the lake, and enjoy time with your family.  If you want to spend the whole day out on the water, individuals are able to rent a boat for the day. Boat renting is very popular at Lake Wallenpaupack since families like spending the day tubing, wakeboarding, skiing, and/or anchored in a cove.  When your family needs a break from the water, dirt biking and four wheeling are fun activities to do while in the Pocono Mountains. Families are able to rent a quad or dirt bike and travel through woods, creeks and alongside the lake. From swimming and boating to hiking and camping, there are many things to do on and around the lake.

There are also a few free activities that are available to the public at Lake Wallenpaupack.  Cliff jumping is a popular activity to do while spending the day out on the lake. There are multiple spots around the lake to rock jump that are safe for jumping.  If you are interested in a rush of adventure, some jump spots are off of 20-30 feet cliffs and the water below is 60 feet deep. At the bridge that runs over the top of the river, there is a rope swing hanging from the metal structure.  There is no one supervising these activities, so you can go there at your own risk. Children under the age of 10 are not recommended to cliff jump or rope swing due to the rocky terrain.

Even in the winter, Lake Wallenpaupack has activities to rally the community and bring in tourists to see the frozen lake.  At Crystal Cabin Fever, they hold ice carving competitions. They also have an ice hall where people hand-carve ice castles, slides, ice jails, and many more ice sculptures for locals and tourists to explore.  Ice fishing out in the middle of the lake is another sport that the locals like to participate in during the freezing winter months. The lake freezes anywhere from 8 to 12 inches on many portions of the lake. This level of thickness is safe for people to stand on and even small cars to drive on!

Pennridge locals drive to Lake Wallenpaupack to vacation and enjoy the peacefulness of the lake.  Mrs. Gordienko, an English teacher at Pennridge High School, enjoys going to the Lake. Her favorite memory at the lake is, “fishing at Koby Pond.  The bears would come up to the house and eat the garbage. The deer would eat food out of your hand.” Even though Mrs. Gordienko’s house is not directly on the lake, she makes the trip down to spend time out on the water.  Sarah Williams, a senior at Pennridge High School, has been going to the lake for years. She stated, “I love being at the lake so I can unwind and get away from home for a while. It’s a nice stress reliever. The atmosphere is so authentic and beautiful.”  Sarah loves going to the lake with family and friends. She also participates in multiple water sports on the lake. Sarah said, “I love to ski, wakeboard, boat, swim, hike, or anything else outdoors.” Both Mrs. Gordienko and Sarah love to spend time relaxing after a long week at Lake Wallenpaupack.

Lake Wallenpaupack is a beautiful place to have a family vacation.  There are multiple activities to do while on the water and also in the woods.  Not only is the lake fun in the summer, but winter can provide endless unforgettable memories.  When thinking of your next vacation, consider Lake Wallenpaupack!