Cinco De Mayo

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Every year on the 5th of May, a holiday known as Cinco de Mayo is celebrated. It originated as a Mexican holiday where they would commemorate the victory of the Mexican Army over the strong French at the battle of Puebla in 1862. Today, the holiday has become more of an American celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. There are parties, parades, mariachi music, and more Mexican food than one person can eat!

Locally, you can find many good deals on Cinco de Mayo if you are looking to celebrate with Mexican foods. Moe’s Southwest Grille is offering deals all week long and even has a special Cinco de Moe’s shirt for the first 50 people to enter the restaurant on the holiday. Casa Torro is a popular location for people to enjoy the festivities, as well as Margaritas, El Cactus and Chipotle Mexican Grille.

Here at Pennridge High School, the week of Cinco de Mayo is filled with celebrations in many of the Spanish classrooms. Mrs. England, one of the teachers, says that she “plans to make quesadillas in class to celebrate” the holiday this year. Many students enrolled in Spanish classes are looking forward to this day, including senior Lizzie Saldutti, who says that she “enjoys the culture of it all and can’t wait to have a fun little party to celebrate the Spanish culture,”

Mrs. England began celebrating Cinco de Mayo when she lived in Mexico, but she says that now it is “celebrated more in the US than in Mexico.” When asked why she said it is “an excuse to party for the Americans, while in Mexico it is commemorating the battle of Puebla.” So, for all of you folks out there who enjoy the Mexican culture and eating some good Mexican food, get out there on May 5th and eat some of the finest Mexican cuisines to celebrate this wonderful holiday!