Bergey’s Bites: Chiaro’s Pizzeria


It is hard to stand out in a crowd. Nevertheless, Chiaro’s Pizzeria in Sellersville has found the recipe for success. They have been ranked among the top local pizzerias in the state with the second-highest ratio of pizza places per capita, an astonishing 3.62 pizza restaurants per 10,000 people. Chiaro’s has found its niche by holding true to its authentic Italian family-owned business model since 1976. 

Now to the pizza. Chiaro’s offers 24 kinds of traditional pies, five types of Sicilian pies, pizza fries, and pizza rolls. I took two of my colleagues along with me to Chiaro’s to evaluate the pizza ourselves. We tried their plain cheese, white, flatbread, chicken bacon ranch, chicken parm, and plain Sicilian pies. The plain pizza was classic and traditional. Without any toppings, it relies entirely on the quality crust, flavorful sauce, and rich cheese to satisfy the palate. It succeeds at being a good pizza despite lacking any extra toppings as it is the restaurant’s top-selling pizza. Our group’s average rating of the plain cheese was 2.66 out of 5. Next up was the white pizza which has even fewer toppings than plain cheese as it has no marinara sauce. Despite the lack of marinara sauce, the additional cheese and garlic made it resemble more of a cheesy garlic bread taste. Perhaps it was just our group’s preference, but we rated the white pizza higher than the plain at 3.66 out of 5. The flatbread pizza was thicker and rectangular. The crust was more cooked than the round pies which added nice texture and flavor. During an interview with Chris McKinney, he said “I liked the way the crust was cooked, very crunchy and tasty.” There was also more oregano on the flatbread slice. Overall, we rated the flatbread an average of 3.33 out of 5. Starting off the toppings portion was the chicken bacon ranch pizza. There was an ideal amount of chicken and bacon and enough ranch to bring out the flavors but not overwhelm the rest of the slice. The chicken bacon ranch was our favorite slice earning an average of 4.33 out of 5. Rounding out the traditional pies was the chicken parm pizza. The chicken was well cooked with a nice soft breading. It was your tasty, classic chicken parm put on a pizza. We rated it 3.33 out of 5. The last slice we tried was the plain Sicilian. It was a thick rectangular slice similar to the flatbread. The difference comes from the style and flavor base. Sicilian style in general has a distinct flavor which may seem to some as an acquired taste. It would seem our group lacked the preference for Sicilian rating it 2.33 out of 5. 

We also tried the pizza fries. The fries themselves had a good soft texture to match the marinara and cheese. The cheese blended well with the sauce as it melted over the hot fries to create a smooth and creamy ensemble of a bite. The group’s average rating of the fries was a 4.33 which ties it for the best item we tried.

Overall it was quality pizza for a good price. Vince Olindo, an employee of Chiaro’s, and Italian food lover, explained that Chiaro’s is a “great spot if you want a quick bite for a bargain.” The service from Olindo and the rest of the staff was speedy and very personal. We enjoyed our experience and would recommend it to others.