Hidden Gems: The Sights of Bucks County


Hai Hua Pan

Scenic view from one of the many bike trails at Covered Bridge Park

Within the entirety of Bucks County, there is a bounty of sights to see. In this edition of Hidden Gems, the focus is shifted to a tranquil park in New Britain, the Covered Bridge Park. With a size of about 15 acres, there is an ample amount of activities to partake in throughout the seasons that makes Covered Bridge Park a must-visit.

Established in 1957, Covered Bridge Park has been operating under the New Britain Civic Association. A park of that age may be seen as ancient or falling apart; however, since the park receives a plethora of funds every year, Covered Bridge Park is well-kept, and up to date. This funding allows for the completion of projects such as the $200,000 Destination Peace Valley Bike and Hike trail. This project allows avid bikers to bike from Covered Bridge Park to Peace Valley or the center of Doylestown itself. This trail is among one of the three trails within the park. The other two trials allow locals to enjoy the many views within the park, including that along Pine Run Creek and the Pine Run Dam.

Along these trails, one can enjoy an underappreciated aspect of the park: bird watching. New Britain is officially a Bird Town in Pennsylvania, in association with the PA Audobon Society. This ensures that the areas within New Britain are preserved and protected to ensure that birdlife and other wildlife can thrive in the area. Nicholas Zoto, an avid bird watcher and Pennridge student, sees the efforts of conservation within Covered Bridge Park. Zoto highlights the “numerous ‘Do Not Litter’ and ‘Wildlife Conservation Area: Please Do Not Disturb’ signs that are sprinkled throughout the park. While these signs may seem to have little to no impact, I find these signs to be key in ensuring the wildlife in the area is protected.” Zoto compared the lack of signs within parks in Dublin and noted that the parks with fewer signs seem to have less and less wildlife within them.

At Covered Bridge Park, families and individuals have the opportunity to listen to and see multiple birds such as the black-capped chickadee, or red-breasted nuthatch. If wildlife observation doesn’t suit you, don’t fret, Covered Bridge Park still has plenty to offer. With a focus on families, Covered Bridge Park has amenities such as a picnic pavilion, a pond, two basketball courts, and a a playground. Not to mention the abundance of grass to play soccer, football, or even lay and sunbathe. Of the people to enjoy the park is Carla Vasquez, a New Britain resident and mother of three. It is Vasquez who showed me Covered Bridge Park in 2017. For Vasquez, the ability to “get [her] children off their devices, and outside and moving” is huge. She finds the park to be just the right size for her children to run around and explore, while allowing her to relax and not worry about them wandering off. Vasquez also noted the large amount of community participation within the park. Take for example the ‘Duck Derby and Picnic in the Park’ or the annual ‘Covered Bridge Day’ in June, and you will see just how much effort the community puts into the Covered Bridge Park.

With winter coming in full swing, it’s time to start planning your next couple outings for when the weather warms up. With so many parks in Bucks County, it’s necessary to put Covered Bridge Park atop your list; you won’t regret it!