The Phone of The Decade

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Beginning on March 7th, 2019, starting at $750, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be on market. It will be the most powerful phone to hit the market. With a storage capacity of up to one terabyte of storage on the S10 plus, and a camera quality of up to 16 megapixels, this new phone will be the future of cellular technology. The S10 model will come in many differentiations with color schemes and storage sizes. The different colors include; prism black, prism white, prism blue, flamingo pink, prism green, and canary yellow. The S10 has one of the largest color ranges compared to any other phone. The storage sizes offer 128gb and 512gb on the standard sizes. Also, the S10 Plus is capable of one terabyte of storage. This phone comes standard with wireless charging capabilities, fingerprint scanner, and facial recognition. CJ Deily, a fellow pennridge high school student claimed, “Galaxy phones may be some of the best you can get in the market today, for best performance and also price, but software is still lacking in a few parts,” when asked about how well the phone’s performance is compared to other phones.

The main controversial topic when people first started to see the blueprints of the new phone, was the holepunch camera. Phone companies are trying to make edge to edge screens to increase size and extend revenue with better features. The issue is, the phone’s camera is on the phones screen. Concluding that there is a black oval shape in the top right corner of the screen, giving the phone an unpleasant look. Samsung took the feedback from the people that disliked the camera, and created an option to take out the hole punch, adding a black bar at the top of the screen. This takes away the edge to edge screen, but created more options for people’s preferences, which helps their company as a whole.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 models offer an HDR 10+ display along with video quality. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is the future of displays, not only on phones, but on televisions and monitors. HDR creates a wider range of colors, giving the device more than a billion different color combinations. This gives amazing screen quality and stability. There are a total of five cameras on the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus models, and three cameras on the Galaxy S10e model. The phones have extra cameras to increase wide angle shots and to better the features of the photo taken. When the phone recognizes that there is a face in the picture, you can change your facial features in real time on the phone. For example; nose size, jaw line, skin tone, etc.

The arguably best feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the ability to last all day on one charge, and being able to share your battery with other devices. The phone has a wireless charger integrated in it, which allows you to charge another wireless charging compatible device with the phone itself. The galaxy earbuds, much like the Iphone Airpods, are wirelessly charged. If the earbuds die, you can charge them by setting the earbuds on the backside of the phone. Along with this, pre ordering your new Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus will allow you to get their wireless earbuds for free. Mr. Tatar, a teacher at Pennridge High School stated, “I would not buy the new Galaxy because I think Apple has the better phone. The Apple software is much easier to navigate.” The only question is, are you willing to get the upgrade to the newest and arguably the best phone on the market or stick with the traditional Apple Iphone?