Pennridge’s Favorite Desserts


Hannah Laincz

Delicious home-made cookies

When thinking about dessert types, a special teacher came to mind, Megan Reim. Reim is the Child Development teacher for Pennridge High School.  Children come in for two class periods each day and they are taught things like the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc. Mainly they are being prepared to enter Pre-School. Everyone’s favorite part of the day is snack time! Reim comes up with a new snack idea for every day of class and it is up to the high school students to make it for the children. Who better to talk to about desserts than the dessert lover herself! Upon interviewing Reim about her favorite desserts, we quickly learned that her absolute favorite is ice cream, “ I like the gourmet ice cream, like from Oh Wow Cow or The Inside Scoop. I like quality ice cream with funky flavors.” That was quite interesting to hear considering she also told me her favorite desserts are always homemade. Out of the 41 people who took our “Favorite Desserts’ survey 15 people also said their favorite dessert was ice cream.

In Child Development, there is limited time to prepare, cook, and plate a snack. I asked Reim how she adjusts for the amount of time allotted in class, “If the recipe is a time-consuming one, I usually have anything that can be prepped the day before done but still keeping everything fresh that needs to be fresh.” When baking, or handling food in general, it is always important to keep everything nice and fresh. Reim always does an excellent job with that! Reim’s absolute favorite thing to bake is cupcakes. She loves trying new extravagant designs and crazy combinations. Baking is her way of releasing stress so she loves having the freedom and creativity to go wherever her mind takes her.

We asked a few other questions in our survey about desserts including what people’s favorite desserts to bake are. A majority of the responses said that brownies were a favorite to bake. Brownies were a fan favorite because they were simple to bake and you can’t really go wrong! You can never have too much chocolate in your brownies. Another question asked was about favorite muffin types, and chocolate chip and blueberry muffins pretty much tied! When we asked about favorite cookie types, chocolate chip won by a landslide and it is pretty clear why.

Baking is a great hobby to have and it seems that many people love to do it. Many people in our survey stated that they enjoy baking with family members such as grandparents or siblings. Lots of people also said that their grandparent’s desserts are their favorite. Something about enjoying your grandma’s cookies or pie is the best. It is clear in the survey we took that desserts are loved by people all over and that everyone has a favorite. Desserts make people happy and bring joy to family and friends. When you bake a dessert, the process makes you happy and the finished product makes your family and friends happy too! Next time you need a distraction or something to keep you occupied, try baking, we guarantee that it will bring you joy.