Bebe and Pop’s Thriving Hive

A local cafe started by community members for community members

The welcoming sign posted outside the restaurant entrance.

On Dec. 8, Beatrice and Thomas Kaizer fulfilled a lifelong dream as they commenced the grand opening of their local small business, Bebe and Pop’s Thriving Hive. The newly opened cafe is located in Sellersville, PA, across from other popular community locations such as The Washington House and Sellersville Theater. The owners, Bea and Tom, are proud members of their small town and are motivated to give back to the community that built their values of love, family, and tradition.

Bebe and Pop’s Thriving Hive is a cafe-style restaurant with a comfortable, homey interior. Bea describes how this cafe is different from other restaurants, stating, “In a small town community, you need a place where people feel welcomed”, and notes that patrons “can’t help but smile” when they come in to eat. The owners were motivated to open this cafe so community members always have a place where they can come together, relax, and enjoy a nice meal. “What I enjoy most about working at Bebe and Pop’s is the environment”, says Noel White, a Pennridge High School senior and waitress at the cafe. White praises the owners and staff for their friendliness and welcoming attitude toward guests. She mentions that Bea likes to converse and create personal connections with customers. This friendly atmosphere makes the overall dining experience much more enjoyable.

The cafe’s menu includes a variety of breakfast and lunch foods as well as other sweet treats. The owners also developed an extensive menu of delicious smoothies inspired by Bea Kaizer’s brother, “Uncle Bob.” As well as serving freshly made food, the cafe also offers a multitude of retail goods from other small local businesses, such as mugs, snacks, honey, tea bags, kitchen items, and many more. Following their theme of supporting local businesses, Bea and Pop also get their five flavors of coffee from Homestead Coffee Roasters located in Upper Black Eddy, PA. From avocado toast to wraps, all of the food is made from locally sourced ingredients and available at extremely reasonable prices.

Although the cafe has just recently opened, the owners and staff already have many things planned for the future of the business. The cafe plans to start hosting tea parties one or two days a week starting in late March. There are already over 250 names logged on the waitlist for reservations! The owners also plan to extend their hours as they still have jobs outside of their small business.
As far as other changes being made to Bebe and Pop’s Thriving Hive, it is important to “see what people want”, as Bea Kaizer states. They are open to any kind of suggestion or request from customers, such as healthier or gluten-free options. The cafe is already receiving five-star reviews on Google, hopefully with much more to come in the near future. With friendly conversation and delicious food, Bebe and Pop’s Thriving Hive is on its way to becoming a beloved and cherished part of the community.