The Hickory Stick

A Community Staple


Taken By: Hadley Polson

Enjoying Ice Cream at The Hickory Stick

The Hickory Stick, a local ice cream shop, is loved by many throughout the Bucks County community. The Hickory stick offers a unique and historic atmosphere, considering it used to be an old German schoolhouse. The unique ice cream flavors, yummy coffee, and light pastries from local businesses make it an ideal spot to grab a treat with friends and family. The Hickory Stick was reopened under new management in 2019 and has since been a great success. It is now one of Upper Bucks County’s most famous ice cream spots. They also now offer 52 flavors as well as other delicious treats from local bakeries and businesses. Furthermore, The Hickory Stick has also extended its business by providing another location in Perkasie. Ava Ricca, a Pennridge High School senior and frequent Hickory Stick customer, said, “I’d say it’s a good community staple, it gives you that hometown feeling and the ice cream is great with a good variety of flavors. It’s a great place in the summer to stop for a little treat.”

The Hickory Stick is not only a “community staple,” as Ricca stated, but it is also a huge support to clubs and sports teams within the Pennridge community. When asked if the Hickory Stick helped fundraise for local clubs or sports teams, Colin White, a former employee at The Hickory Stick, said, “They supported volleyball, mini-THON, and the football team.” The Hickory Stick doesn’t just care about its business, they also show immense care for its customers. The Hickory Stick will always be willing to help support a small club or team. They make it easy for organizations to reach out to them and even have a page on their website specifically for fundraisers. On this page, they state, “We would love the opportunity to support your local organization. Please let us know how we can help by filling out a Fundraiser Inquiry Form to get started!” These words no doubt show the care and support The Hickory Stick is willing to offer. More specifically, The Hickory Stick was recently able to help support The Pennridge Mini-THON club. Ricca, also a head of Mini-THON, explained that many people went to the fundraiser held by The Hickory Stick. The Hickory Stick was able to support Mini-THON and help them raise money for their big event in May. Ricca added, “The Hickory Stick also usually makes a gift basket for our main event, and they are super easy to work with.” The Hickory Stick offers a way for clubs and sports teams to raise a little extra money while supporting their business.

Local fundraisers like the one held by Mini- THON not only provides support for clubs and sports teams but also provide a way for the community to come together. White stated “lots of people showed up” to the fundraisers. He added, “Full teams would show up, as well as their family and friends.” The fundraisers provided by the Hickory stick bring family and friends from the community together. The Hickory Stick fundraisers offer a way for the community to become united while enjoying some yummy ice cream and supporting a good cause.