Hello Fresh: Cooking for Lazy People

By: Autumn Kitabjian, Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me, you want good food but have no time to make it. Whether you don’t have the time, motivation, or cooking skills to make a fulfilling dinner, you aren’t benefiting from slacking out on an important meal of the day. If you’re looking for a way to up your cooking skills, have good food to eat when you get home, and a fun time with family and friends, Hello Fresh might be exactly what you need.

Being caught up in school-related tasks, work, and losing track of time while using electronics has caused many high school students, to forget about the importance of eating a good dinner and has made it hard to find the motivation to specifically set aside time to make food. Even when students do have the time to make a meal, they find themselves going for the same few simple meals that they always go to that require minimal effort. People also make a lot of excuses for this, such as that they don’t know how to make what they want to eat or they don’t have the right ingredients.

Hello Fresh is a meal kit company, based in Berlin, Germany, that ships three meal kits to your house every week. Every box includes easy to follow recipes with clear nutritional info, high-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm, convenient meal kits that fit perfectly into the fridge, and a fun cooking experience that makes you feel “unstoppable”. The thought of taking the time to actually use my kitchen appliances and fresh ingredients to make a serious meal is a bit unrealistic and intimidating, however  having it delivered allows friends and family to show interest in Hello Fresh and assist in making the meals, which makes for a fun and beneficial experience. You learn a lot from making diverse meals from around the world and can make things that you never thought you would make. A lot of the meals only take around 45 minutes to make as well, meaning that the time it takes isn’t a huge burden.

Hope Lowry, a student at Pennridge high school, shares that she rarely has time to cook dinner, and when she does, they are more of snacks instead of meals. When asked if she would invest in Hello Fresh, she stated: “yes, I think meal prepping would help me during the week when I don’t have time to sit down and cook”.

Mrs. Nace, a food prep teacher at Pennridge, shares that she has never used Hello Fresh, but instead uses Nourish Kitchen and Catering, which is a place where you can “order ahead or stop in to buy one of the dishes of the day – fresh and delicious”. She believes that meal prepping saves time during the busy week and allows time for activities while still eating healthy, but she doesn’t meal prep as much as she would like to.

There are many benefits of Hello Fresh, one being that all of the meals are delicious. The recipes are also relatively simple, and the instructions are easy to follow. Hello Fresh is also very flexible and able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and adapt to your liking. It also eliminates the stress of not having the right ingredients at your house to make what you want to make and going grocery shopping. Not only that, but it eliminates the wasting of food. No longer will you be stuck in a situation where you buy a tomato, but only need part of it to make what you want to make and are stuck with part of a tomato that you don’t need. Everything that comes in the Hello Fresh kits is used and does not go to waste. On top of all of that, all the materials are recyclable as well. If you are looking to start meal prepping and want a good easy introduction, you should sign up for Hello Fresh.