Gearing up for College

College has been on the mind of seniors a lot lately, at least for those attending a college. With the Coronavirus outbreak causing seniors to have already had their last day in Pennridge, they have been looking on to the future, especially with scholarship and commitment deadlines fast approaching. But aside from all of the paperwork that seniors have been doing lately to prepare for their next semester, there are other things that they should be accounting for. There are many ways technology improves our daily lives and college life is no different. There is a plethora of gadgets designed with college students in mind to make a university experience better.

One of the biggest parts of college life is the fast-paced note taking. Anything to give you an advantage in the potentially high stress environment of a lecture hall is valuable. The Rocketbook notepad is a specially designed, reusable notebook that allows you to easily transfer what you physically wrote onto a digital medium.

Another important piece of the academic rigor of college is writing papers and creating projects. A key part of producing those works is a printer. There are a variety of printers on the market today that print full sheets but only take up a fraction of a traditional printer. This is great for saving space in a dorm room but still having the tools of home readily available to you in your workspace.

Of course, the academics of college are incredibly important, but another big part of the college experience is listening to music. Ranging from studying by yourself to having fun at a party, music is heavily integrated into college life. Many people consider Appleā€™s Airpods to be one of the best options for listening to music wirelessly by yourself. Airpods work great for working inside, but for those nice sunny days where it calls for working on a bench by a stream, Bose has created a line of sunglasses with built-in directional speakers to send your music to your ears and only your ears. These sunglasses are also great for a nice walk around campus or on the beach during spring break. Straying more towards the recreational side of music, Bluetooth speakers are all over the place. They are great to set out during a party or while tossing a football outside. But how do you find one that stands out? You could opt for a JBL Pulse with LEDs that react to the music, or you could opt for additional functionality. A lesser known product, the Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker provides the standard features of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with the added bonus of a built-in portable charger to keep your phone running the whole time you are away from your dorm.

The portable charger world has expanded more than just being integrated into Bluetooth speakers. Another desirable product for college bound students is a smart backpack. Most smart backpacks on the market offer built in portable chargers to always have an extra dose of power for your device. But these backpacks also feature specially designed anti-theft zippers to prevent an unfortunate pickpocket. They also come with RFID blocking interiors to protect your credit card and other information that thieves might try to steal.

The college life is one that many look forward to with nervous anticipation. These gadgets provide some peace of mind and convenience for anyone who is preparing for four of the biggest years of their life.