Appreciate Your Mom this Mother’s Day


Victoria Sabath

Outside of The Washington House

Mother’s Day is a massive holiday in the United States, and a perfect time to spoil one of the most important people in your life. Its roots are believed to be drawn from ancient Romans, Greeks, and Christians, who celebrated Mothering Sunday, a more spiritual holiday than today. The modern version of the holiday was created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. People treat their mothers to a relaxing, rewarding day, complete with a nice lunch or dinner at a local restaurant, a massage, or just a day off from the hassles of motherhood. Flowers, jewelry, and homemade gifts are common ways for children and adults to show how much their mother means to them. Don’t forget to spoil your mom on Sunday, May 8 this year. When looking for a way to treat your mom right this Mother’s Day, look no further than your own Pennridge community.

The Washington House, a historical hotel, theater, and restaurant on Main Street in Sellersville knows how to do Mother’s Day celebrations right. This local spot, founded in 1894, features two delectable Mother’s Day meals. First, a champagne lunch, complete with drinks, appetizers, lunch, dessert sampler, and coffee, is a delightful midday refreshment. Later on, enjoy a Mother’s Day dinner, with appetizers, entrees, salad, and a dessert sampler. These Mother’s Day specials have been a staple of the Washington House for a long time. Amber May, a manager at the restaurant who has worked there for 20 years, says the specials have been in place “since before I worked here.” It is one of the most popular events for them, with over 300 people dining throughout the day. There is significant planning and cooperation needed among the staff for such a big event, but it’s worth it to give customers a great Mother’s Day meal. Jess Galasgo, a server at the Washington House and a fellow mother, sees the restaurant’s specials as a way to celebrate mothers in the best way possible. Her favorite part of working the holiday is “Trying to give every mother the best experience that they could possibly have when walking in here.”

After a delicious meal, you can buy tickets to take your mom to see a show at the historic Sellersville theater, which is attached to the back of the restaurant. The small venue holds 325 people and is a lively spot for music and comedy where she can enjoy a night out with friends or family. To round out the Washington House experience, give your mom a stay in their luxurious hotel for a night. By giving her the full high-end experience, your mom will enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable Mother’s Day. This year, don’t forget to celebrate your mother and make this day all about her.