Price vs Slice


Nasser Abdi

Classic Pepperoni Pizza

According to a survey completed by YouGov America, Americans, on average, eat 46 slices of pizza each year. YouGov America also reported that the most popular pizza in the United States is pepperoni pizza. Pizza lover Chris Ganley gives support to that claim through his consideration of pepperoni to be one of the all-time top 3 pizza toppings. If you’re in the mood for pizza, restaurants such as Bravo’s Pizza, Basilico’s Pizza & Co, and Perkasie Pizza and Pasta provide great food with a good atmosphere. When selecting a pizza, there are a few things to consider: ratings and reviews of the restaurant, prices of the food, and accessibility (delivery, pickup, etc.)

In terms of pricing, no business has been able to avoid raising prices due to the recent pandemic and supply chain issues. Pizza shop owner Hassan Abdi described the issues as “the cost of ingredients has skyrocketed,” which “in turn has caused menu prices to fluctuate due to supply and demand.” Considering this, all pizza shops were relatively affordable, each pricing a large pepperoni pizza below $25.

Bravos Pizza is a small pizza shop on West Walnut Street, Perkasie, PA. A large pepperoni pizza will cost $23.57 plus an additional $1.99 delivery fee if you choose to have it delivered. In comparison, Basilico’s also offers delivery, but their large pepperoni pizza will only cost you $17.75. Finally, a large pepperoni pizza from Perkasie Pizza and Pasta will cost you $20.99 pre-delivery/ tip. When comparing all these places, Basilico’s wins with the lowest price of $17.75. It is important to note that pizza places often only offer delivery within a certain distance. However, if you are not in the available delivery range, there is always the option to get delivery through DoorDash or GrubHub.

In terms of restaurant reviews, we analyzed the reviews on Yelp since there is no outside influence by businesses. Yelp prevents false information by preventing businesses from paying to alter or remove reviews giving us an uninfluenced outlook on each restaurant and the ratings. It is important to remember that reviews do have significance, however, as restaurants change, older reviews are counted towards the current score of each pizza place, skewing them in a negative or positive way. Starting off in first place of the three pizza places is Basilico’s, with 4.5 stars on Yelp. Customers praised the different types of pizza, such as Sicilian and boardwalk. One customer even went as far as to say, “Do yourself a favor and give this place a try.” Perkasie Pizza and Pasta comes in second place with three stars on Yelp. While the ratings may be lower than Basilico’s, there are still many instances of people immensely liking the restaurant, such as Adam B, who called Perkasie Pizza and Pasta a “Great family restaurant” with “Really good food, which speaks for itself!” In third place is Bravos Pizza which has 2.5 stars on Yelp. The reviews were very mixed for this restaurant, with eleven one-star reviews and six five-star reviews with only a couple of two, three, and four-star reviews. Within the reviews, there were a number of people who still greatly enjoyed the place. However, neither Bravo’s nor Perkasie Pizza and Pasta compared to the high reviews of Basilico’s.

In all, Basilico’s is the winner for the best reviews and best price. Through the use of quality ingredients and family recipes that have been passed down through generations, the Basilico Family provides customers with great quality food and even better service.